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Our mission is to provide advanced medical treatment and consultation to underserved or unserved patients nationally and intentionally. Via this Telemedicine Platform Patients can consult a local  or an International Physician. It could be for a general health concern or for an Advanced Second Opinion with a sub specialist in the Medical Subspecialty. Patients can choose and connect to a doctor or a Hospital Globally for an Organ Transplant/ Radiation, who are known from their previous performances in that Medical Field. We connect Patients and Doctors with out any prejudice of Race, Color, Gender or Religion. Thanks to the Provision of the internet and the smart phones, Patients can consult through our privacy implemented HIPAA compliant Video Conferencing, Time Zone Converter and Scheduler to the International Doctors for consultation and Second Opinion. If an International Doctor feels like to have further Diagnostic Laboratory and Imagery work to be done before a prescription can be written, then He/She can refer the Patient to a local Doctor from our list of Providers relying on the zip code of the Patient. So, it is a true Patients Without Border.

Patients Without Border:

Internet has crossed all the boundaries of the world in every field, so it is the time that it should do the same in field of medicine too. Doctors should be able to discuss through our Discussion Panel to each other if one finds unknown disease due to an unknown Etiology created by unknown Virus/Bacteria then the other Doctors will be alerted Globally sooner, before developing of a new Pandemic. Through our Platform, language is not a barrier anymore. Patients can choose a doctor from our list that speaks their Native language, regardless of country of residence.

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